Creative Wedding Ideas from Brides – Part 2

Creative Wedding Ideas - Picture Frame Wedding Guest Book

Part 2 in Our Series of Creative Wedding Ideas from Other Brides

I’m getting married in May and my fiancee and I are trying our best to make it unique. For our guest book, we are using a picture frame… Our engagement photo will be matted and placed in the middle and the guests will each sign his/her name onto the acid-free (to avoid fading) matte. Then we will be able to hang the photo and forever remember who shared our special day! See other creative guest book alternatives.

Jessica & Joseph, Ashburn, VA

My fiancee and myself have planned our wedding date for September. We have started looking at everything and decided on the theme of our wedding. We both work for the railroad, which is where we met, and decided to make the theme “railroad” (trains, tracks). We are going to have a train track traveling up, down, and around the cake. Our favors will be candles with gel trains inside of them. We thought this is a very unique idea for us.

Simone and Leonard
Fort Lauderdale/Miami, Florida
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Are your reception tables missing something? Get on the internet, or look in any quote book and get quotes on love. Such as:

“Romance is the glamor
which turns the dust of everyday life
into a golden haze”
~ Elinor Glyn.
Type it up really pretty using a nice font, perhaps even in a colored ink . Position the quote on the paper in such a way so that it prints you can cut the paper in half, then fold it, so that when you sit it on the table it will stand up. It would be better to use thicker paper for this. Just be sure to give credit to the person who said it. One of my friends used this at her wedding and it was really cute.

Lindsey Richards
Dora, Alabama
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Instead of buying one of those birdcages or mailbox card boxes, I decided to make one. All I used was a big empty box from Xerox paper, badding, satin fabric, and lots of ribbon and lace. Not only was it fun and very easy to do, but we can re-use the box after the wedding to store our wedding memories in.

Michel and Joey
Baltimore, Maryland

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