Creative & DIY Wedding Ideas from Real Brides – Part 21

DIY Hollowed Out Pumpkin With Flowers Centerpiece

  • Suggestions for fall weddings: For centerpieces – Small carved out pumpkins with flower arrangements placed inside. Instead of throwing regular birdseed, let your guests throw pumpkin seeds instead! Birds will still be able to enjoy the pumpkin seeds on the ground once the wedding is over! ~ Beth Richardson  [Photo:]
  • A Real Tear Jerker… If you don’t know how to include all your female friends and relatives in your wedding, this is the way to do it. Have all the women you want included to sit on the ends of the pews, and when you go to enter, they all stand up in the aisle, holding a flower. As you walk down the aisle, they each hand you their flower, making up your bouquet. When you reach the end of the aisle, have your mother and the mother of the groom come forward and tie a big bow around the flowers before you step forward to greet your groom. ~ Anonymous
  • Centerpieces – We had beautiful French-country style flower topiaries. Not huge, but about 18″ tall including the base. They were exquisite, and we received many compliments on them.

    Florist – Look for a new flower business. We hired someone we saw at a bridal fair who was new in the business, and worked from home, but her samples were gorgeous! Because she was new, her costs were EXTREMELY low, and the flowers were amazing! Still get referrals, but if they are good, don’t hesitate to work with someone new who doesn’t have all the overhead of a store (adding to your costs!).

    Reception Decor – We hired a silk flower company to accentuate the reception location. The room already had a garden theme, with painted garden murals on the wall, and lattice-work on the ceiling. The silk flower company came in and I asked them to draw attention to the center of the room, where the dance floor was (the guests tables surrounded the dance floor.) They put four 6′ (six-foot tall) Grecian pillars at the four edges of the dance floor, and twined them with ivy and tulle. At the top of the pillars were cascading flowers, and hanging between the pillars were greens and berries. They also hung tulle with twinkle lights (inside the tulle) between the four pillars. Ferns were added in the corners of the room with twinkle lights. The room looked absolutely magical!!

    Cake – Our cake had frosted fruit and leaves instead of traditional flowers surrounding the base and layers. It was beautiful and got lots of compliments!

    DJ – Instead of having the guests clink glasses to get us to kiss, any time someone stood up to sing a few lyrics from a love song, we had to kiss. The guests really got into it, and whole tables of guests would sing together. Lots of fun!

    Favors – We bought the little bubble containers in the shapes of wedding cakes. But to make them more personal, we tied little ribbons around the tops and had small pieces of paper attached to the ribbons with quotes about marriage that I got from a little book at Barnes and Noble. It made a cheap little favor a topic of conversation as people shared their quotes. And it was extremely inexpensive! Also, I bought a deck of Monet Garden Cards, and placed one card at each place. This kept with the garden theme.

    Guest Book – Instead of the traditional boring guest book, I bought a blank pages book that had a cover to go with the feeling of the wedding. As people arrived, I had a friend at the sign-in table, where she asked them to sign in the book, and then she directed them to their table. After everyone was seated, the book was passed around the room for people to write personal notes to us. It will be a nice keepsake. Hope these ideas spark some ideas for your wedding! ~ Catharine and Dan Shepard, Rancho Santa Fe, California

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