Bridal Glove Etiquette

Bridal Gloves

Question: I’m planning on wearing elbow-length gloves with my wedding dress. What is the easiest way to do the exchange of rings while wearing gloves? I’d rather not take the gloves on and off. I want to stay in keeping with what is traditional. I know that I’m supposed to take them off when in the receiving line at the wedding reception, right? Sincerely,

Kelly S.
Answer: Here’s a little insider’s trick we wedding planners recommend for the bride who is wearing gloves – carefully undo one of the seams on the ring finger of the glove; then you can then simply slip your finger out of the glove when the time comes to exchange rings during the ceremony. Some bridal salons sell gloves which already have an opening in the ring finger, however, it is certainly a simple enough matter to create an opening as I have described.

And yes, you are absolutely correct, according to proper wedding etiquette, gloves should never be worn in the wedding receiving heartSee More: Ask the Wedding Planner

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