Scrumptious & Unique Wedding Dessert Ideas

An elegant “plated ice cream cone” by Fresh from the Kitchen, in Phoenix

“Plated Ice Cream Cone”

Wedding Reception Dessert - Ice Cream Cone on a Dessert Dish

Your guests will LOVE this. A clever, fun, a very visually attractive dessert for a wedding reception, it’s a “formal ice cream cone”, to match the formality of such a special occasion: an ice cream cone served on a dessert dish! It looks fabulous but its actually quite simple to assemble.  Here’s How:  A sugar cone is laid on its side and a scoop of ice cream is placed on the plate on the mouth of the cone. You could do this for a DIY reception, or show your caterer the picture and ask that they do something similar.  It looks amazing but its EASY! The ice cream is then topped with chocolate sprinkles. Two plump red strawberries are placed next to the cone on one side of the plate, and on the other side of the cone, a colorful serving of candy sprinkles. A visual delight!

Glitter Donuts

Glitter donuts - wedding desser table ideas

Better Homes and Gardens loved our post on making glitter donuts for dessert at a wedding reception so much that they featured it in their magazine.   If you want to dazzle your reception guests, glitter is a good way to do it. You can be sure your reception guests will have never seen gorgeous glittering donuts like this before.  And yes, this glitter is edible.  When only the finest will do for your wedding, or when its glitter and glam right down to the last detail, these donuts will ensure your guests get the point that your wedding is anything but ordinary.   Get the rundown on how to make these scrumptious little beauties here:  How to Make Glitter Donuts.

Milk and Cookies

Milk and Cookies Wedding Reception Dessert
Photo Credit: L Eat Catering, Toronto

This is a fun idea for a late night dessert snack, served around 11pm.  Serve guests a cold glass of milk and a fresh, yummy cookie. But do it up fancy – serve the milk in martini glasses, champagne glasses or even shooter glasses – so fun! Your guests will love the sweet, simple treat that kind of makes them feel like a kid again.  If you’re having a dessert table, this is an idea you could include there, rather than a late night treat.

Wedding Ideas for Kids - Milk in Chamagne glasses during toasts

Oreo Cookies and Milk in Shooter Glasses for Wedding Dessert
Photo Credit

Elegant Buffet Style Sundae Bar

Wedding reception sundae bar for dessert

Think sundae bar, buffet style, with an elegant twist.  Serve ice cream in martini classes and have pretty serving bowls on saucers filled with different toppings – chocolate chips, candy sprinkles, coconut, whipped topping, chocolate sauce… yum!  Guests will have fun dressing up  their own sundaes and it gives them the opportunity to customize their dessert to suit their own personal taste. If you’re having a  buffet dinner, your caterer may be able to re-set the same table for the dessert bar.

Wedding Dessert Buffet

Wedding Dessert Buffet

A wedding dessert buffet is a fabulous way to offer dessert to your wedding reception guests. Instead of having food service staff serve them a plated dessert after their meal, give your guests the element of choice by presenting dessert buffet-style. Offer an assortment of dessert options presented on beautiful platters. Dress up the buffet table with candlelight as shown here. Make it beautiful!

Wedding Reception Dessert Table

Wedding Cupcakes

Wedding Reception Cupcakes That Say "I do!"

Cupcakes have become a popular choice for dessert at a wedding reception.  They’re extra special if you keep them on theme.  Whether that means matching them to the theme or motif of your wedding, or simply reflecting the bridal theme itself, like the cupcake shown above, dressed in a bridal lace cupcake wrapper, dotted with bridal pearls, and displaying the adorable little cupcake flag with the words “I Do!”.  See more wedding cupcake ideas!

Mini Wedding Cake Cookies

Mini Wedding Cakes made from Stacked Cookies
Delight guests at your wedding reception with these mini wedding cakes made from home made cookies cut in three different sizes. A terrific idea for dessert or for wedding favors.  Have your bakery design and create these for you, or if you’re feeling creative, give it a go yourself. Stack the cookies from largest to smallest; use icing between the layers to keep your little masterpieces together. Then decorate with icing to give your little wedding cakes some sweet style!  A sensational wedding reception idea that your guests will adore.


DIY Wedding Cake Cookies

Wedding Cake Cookies With Recipe

Make your wedding reception more meaningful and personalized by baking your own adorable little wedding cake cookies for guests to enjoy as part of a dessert buffet.   The full recipe and DIY instructions are here:  Wedding Cake Cookies

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