Wedding Centerpiece Idea – “Layering”

Autumn/ Fall Wedding Centerpiece Idea

Let’s add some energy to the fall wedding season by introducing a new centerpiece styling idea /concept we haven’t discussed before – layering.
Above, a “layered” centerpiece is created with lush florals, hand-painted hydrangea candles, a plate, and a pedestal bowl in this vibrant fall table arrangement.
The concept of layering in centerpiece design means to build a centerpiece by combining a number of different visual elements, which are thoughtfully placed one on top of another.
In the design idea shown above, we’ve designed a autumn or fall wedding centerpiece using the layering technique.
Here’s how: begin with a white porcelain plate (layer number one), on top of which a pedestal bowl or compote is placed (layer number two). Another ‘layer’ is added to the plate in the form of silk hydrangea blossoms (layer number three) – fresh blossoms can be used if preferred- in a combination of complimentary colors, with a few tiny petals dotted here and there to naturalize the look and create additional visual interest. From there, we continued to build our centerpiece by adding the next ‘layer’ to the bowl – this time it is water (layer number four). And then, the final layer, the piece de la resistance – those gorgeous hydrangea candles in all their vivid and vibrant color (layer number five).
The autumn look is completed with the addition of a shimmering copper colored table cover, creating the perfect backdrop to compliment this fall display – it’s attention to detail at this level which makes the difference between average and exceptional! If this design doesn’t warm up your reception room when the winds of fall begin to blow outside, it’s doubtful anything could!

Of course, this centerpiece styling idea/ technique isn’t just used for designing autumn or fall wedding centerpieces – this is a technique that is used to add dimension and visual interest to wedding centerpieces of all types and themes.

The wonderful thing about layering in design is that you have the freedom to create looks which are as layered and imaginative, or as simple, as you like. You can stop after two or three layers for a more simplistic look for your wedding decorations, or keep adding and adding until your imagination is content! For example, you might choose to take the design shown above one step farther by adding a few fresh flower blossoms to float amid the floral candles for added interest. Do what best suits your style and pleases your eye. Experiment with different looks by adding and subtracting visual elements or accessories until you have achieved your own version of perfection! This is how customized wedding decorations are created.


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