Creative DIY Wedding Ideas from Real Brides

DIY Wedding Ideas from Real Brides – Part 28

My wedding is still 17 months away, but the ideas are definitely starting to flow! I want to have candid photos of the reception to experience the moments of my guests in which I miss, so we will be having disposable cameras at each table. But we won’t have to go through the expense of […]

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Outdoor Wedding Ideas - Picnic Wedding in Park

Creative & DIY Wedding Ideas From Brides – Part 29

My fiance and I are planning our wedding on a really tight budget. We decided to have our wedding in a beautiful local park following with a picnic style reception. I am an artist and he is a musician, so we are bringing a large, nicely bound sketchbook instead of a guest book, so our […]

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Wedding Table Centerpieces - Hot Pink

Cylinder Wedding Centerpieces – So Easy to Make!

Cylinder Wedding Centerpieces Look Stunning! Cylinder wedding centerpieces create a powerful visual punch through the use of color, in this case, bright pink.   DIY cylinder centerpieces are super-easy to create, and with the right use of color and other decorative elements, they’ll look spectacular on each table. You can display cylinder centerpieces one at a […]

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Unique Wedding Ideas - Rain Bottle

Creative Wedding Ideas from Brides – Part 27

More Wedding Ideas From Real Brides… In Case It Rains… I have been to many rainy weddings. People who are superstitious such as myself think its bad luck.  An idea for nice way to turn that luck around… catch the rain water from the wedding day and put it in a nice bottle or jar (airtight so […]

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DIY wedding favors - heart cookies on a ribbon

Creative Wedding Ideas From Real Brides – Part 26

Here is my idea for DIY wedding favors Use a heart shaped cookie cutter, with a pretty ribbon attach small love poem and the couple’s wedding date. Small thought, nice gesture! Cute and sweet!  ~Lanese Belschner, Concord, NC For my wedding I kept thinking about what to do about people giving us gifts. I didn’t […]

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DIY Wedding Ideas - Tree Stump Centerpiece

Creative Wedding Ideas from Brides – Part 25

  Centerpiece ideas for an outdoor/country / rustic  wedding:   Find someone who sells firewood and purchase a stump/piece of wood with thick bark, enough for one on each table & about three for the head table. Cut a hole in the middle that goes about 3/4 of the way down, place a plastic cup inside […]

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Ring Bearer Book instead of Pillow

Creative Wedding Ideas from brides – Part 24

I have a nephew whom I care about like he is my own son. He is 10 years old and would be embarrassed to be a ring bearer and carry a cute fluffy pillow. But, I wanted to give him a role in the wedding. I created the role of  “Keeper of the Vows”. My […]

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String of Lights With Silk Flowers DIY

Creative Ideas from Brides – Part 23

I actually got the basic idea from Martha Stewart, but altered it to my tastes. Take a string of Christmas lights (any color, but clear lights show up best). Then take silk flowers in your wedding colors (make sure they are the kind that can easily be taken apart and reassembled again – whites, ivories, […]

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DIY centerpieces using cans and bottles for holding flowers

Creative Ideas from Brides – Part 22

I have been extremely blessed with DIY creativity and frugality through out the planning of my wedding – which turned out beautiful! on a very realistic budget.  Just to share a few ideas: For the invitations, I used the paper that some may use for wedding bulletins (programs). It was quite beautiful with blush roses […]

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DIY Hollowed Out Pumpkin With Flowers Centerpiece

Creative & DIY Wedding Ideas from Real Brides – Part 21

Suggestions for fall weddings: For centerpieces – Small carved out pumpkins with flower arrangements placed inside. Instead of throwing regular birdseed, let your guests throw pumpkin seeds instead! Birds will still be able to enjoy the pumpkin seeds on the ground once the wedding is over! ~ Beth Richardson  [Photo:] A Real Tear Jerker… […]

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Creative Wedding Ideas From Brides – Tropical Wedding Ideas

Tropical Wedding Ideas I’d be delighted to share my ideas for a tropical themed wedding. It would be nice to know many others are benefiting from my ideas. I know it would have made it easier for me had I found this type of  web site last year!! We got married in Jamaica, and then […]

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Candy Apples Wedding Favors

Creative Wedding Ideas for Brides – Part 19

Candy Apples by TorieJane I got a local tourist attraction to make candy apples for wedding favors. They cost just $2.50 each and we bought silver organza ribbon to tie on them. Our wedding is a Valentines Day wedding and the red will look great on the tables! Besides who doesn’t love a candy apple?  […]

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